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Ebony_Candy: I haven't told him yet that I might be writing about my experiences (since I hadn't really thought Ebony_Candy it until now) so Ebony_Candy hope he's ok with it. No more details there.
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Age: 30
Sign: Gemini
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Straight
Country: Distrito Especial, Colombia
Ethnicity: Arab eastern
Height: 5ft 8in
Eye Color: Blue eyes
Hair Color: Red hair
Smoker: Yes, regularly
Language: Sweden
Build: Sex slender with curvy bitchy
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I've found 3 possible people already, all a few miles from me. Already came across one creep that started out ok but then quickly went south, so I told him thanks but no thanks. I need to be careful. But to all you straights out there who have never entered the gay dating circuit, let me tell you, gays have it over us straights by a hundred times. I've been on OK Cupid for many years Ebony_Candy it's so hard to get anywhere there. It's such an elaborate dance - a dance that I just sucked at, and was scared to participate in most times. (meaning: No. Pudgy has Ebony_Candy had a lot Ebony_Candy lady friends. ) Gays put all that bullshit aside. If they're looking for sex, they're just tell you, right up front. It's so fucking refreshing you have no idea. Plus they immediately go into preferences. In fact, in the two palces I've signed up for so far, GHrowlr and silverdaddies, your sexual preferences are part of your god damn profile. Which is exactly where they should be. So anyways, things are looking hopeful, and maybe I'll have new news next week. Stay tuned and remember - Watch my crotch. update 11282015 Yes, I wear panties sometimes. I used to look at guys wearing woman's underwear askance a bit. It always made me a bit uncomfortable. Ebony_Candy don't ask me what made me change my mind, but it started when I decided to buy some sexier-style men's briefs than I normally bought.